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The secret to a great night's sleep.

Unique Silentnight 5 Zone Silentpocket™ 600 Coil System

5 zone pocket coil system with a firmer lumber zone offers individual body contouring and minimizing partner disturbance.

Edge Boost™ Foam Boxed Wall

An ultra firm, HD high resilient foam box encasement surrounding the inner springs. Provides a more robust and durable edges.

Premium HD Comfort Foam

Premium high density comfort foam, unique cell formula and GECA certified. High resilience makeup offers longevity, body contouring and comfort. Open cell provides mattress breathability, assisting in optimal sleeping temperature. Foams are produced in a healthy manner for the environment. No harmful chemicals or off gassing used.

Premium Wool Comfort Layer

Blended natural wool quilt acts as a natural insulator, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Breeze X

Advanced mesh technology and unique 3D construction. Promotes airflow throughout the pillow top to regulate the overall mattress temperature. Circulates clean air through the mattress every time you move in bed.

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