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Healthy Growth

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Expert English Craftmanship


Ortho Coil™ Spring System

3 zone 6 turn bonnell spring system. 6 turns in the spring provides additional body support for developing spines.

Perimeter Edge Support

Double coil perimeter side support. Enhances overall mattress sleeping surface.

Premium HD Comfort Foam

Premium high density comfort foam, unique cell formula and GECA certified. High resilience makeup offers longevity, body contouring and comfort. Open cell provides mattress breathability, assisting in optimal sleeping temperature. Foams are produced in a healthy manner for the environment. No harmful chemicals or off gassing used.

Open Cell Formula for Optimum Airflow

Unique open cell formula. Provides mattress breathability and assisting a more optimum sleeping temperature.

Enviroshield™ Anti-Microbial Protection

Anti-Microbial. Protects against mould, mildew, dust mites and bacteria. Reduces major causes of allergies and asthma for a healthier sleep.

Knit Fabric

Australian made knit providing a smooth and comfortable feel.

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